Natural Health Solutions As Natural Cure For Diabetes Posted By : Philip Leighton

Dr Fedon Lindberg, a Norwegian endocrinologist, who has treated more than 18,000 diabetic patients in his four clinics in his home Renters V 2.0 country, is one of the leading proponents of new dietary approach in treating diabetics, has this to say My experience with type 2 diabetic patients is that a balanced low-glycaemic diet coupled with a healthy lifestyle can reverse the disease. No doubt this is a natural cure for diabetes.

Top 5 Best Food for Children Posted By : Robin Mart

In todays times parents are finding it very difficult to ensure that their children are having the balanced diet that they need. If you are one of them; you need not worry much about it. Just include the following five foods in your childs diet and rest assured that your child is getting the much needed nutrients imminent to his healthy growth.